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Andi Huff

Veterinary Technician Assistant

A native of California, the sunny environment rubbed off to make a sunny disposition that brightens the whole clinic. Andi is in training to become a full fledged veterinary technician and we all enjoy watching her thrive! 

Favorite hobby: With too many to mention, most of Andi’s time is spent relaxing with her husband and three fur babies.


    • Oscar: 2 year-old Orange Tabby
    • Jack: 3 year-old Black Tabby
    • Mia: 10 year-old Schnauzer

If you were an animal, what kind of animal do you think you would be and why? A bird, who wouldn’t to fly around and see the world?

Without a doubt, my favorite animal is … whales. They are awe inspiring and magestic.