Cat Wellness Plan

Everything you need, nothing that you don’t.

$22.50 per month*


Doctor’s Examination

Unlimited Tech Exams

Rabies Vaccine

FVRCP/RCP (Feline Distemper)


Complete Blood Cell Count

Blood Chemistry, 10 Components

And more!

$10 Off Your Choice Dental Product

$35 Off Your Choice VRS Supplement

Nail Trims (x4)

+/- Dental Cleaning

$42.50 per month

Safe Anesthesia

Anesthetized dentals with continuous monitoring ensure the highest level of safety possible.

Dental Cleaning

Every tooth is ultrasonically scaled above and below the gums, probed, charted, and polished.


Assessment of the tooth root is the only way to diagnose painful periodontal disease.

+/- Outdoor Protection

$16 per month


Feline leukemia vaccination

FeLV/FIV Testing

Annual blood test for potentially fatal infectious diseases.

Intestinal Parasite Deworming (x4)

A topical liquid down the back that deworms routinely against intestinal parasites.

Fecal Parasite Testing

Fecal centrifugation testing can identify intestinal parasites in cats and dogs, and can help determine the right treatment option.

*  Annual wellness plans incur a $49.95 non-refundable registration fee and do not automatically renew.

** Nail trims and anal glands are performed within Fear Free standards and may not be advised or feasible for pets with excess fear, anxiety, or stress.

*** Surgical extractions not included in dental cleaning add-on. Cost of surgical extractions vary by patient and will be due at time of dental procedure.