Halloween Pet Safety Tips

While Halloween can be a fun and exciting holiday for kids and adults alike, it can be a scary time for our furry friends. Here are some tips to keep them happy and safe!

1. Costumes: Consider your pet’s personality if choosing to dress them in a costume. Make sure to keep an eye on your pet’s comfort, mobility, and that costumes aren’t being chewed on or eaten.

2. Candy: All forms of chocolate as well as the sugar substitute, xylitol are extremely toxic to pets and can cause serious health problems. If you think your pet has ingested something toxic, please call the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 and your veterinarian (Psst! That’s Dr. Brekke! (970) 818-2399).

3. Visitors: Ding dong! A flurry of dressed up strangers at your door can make even the most friendly, human-loving pet fearful and anxious. As an introvert, I relate to this deeply. Therefore, it is best to keep Mr. Mews and Fluffy McBarkington in a separate room or secured area to avoid any undue stress or even escape (see section on identification below).

4. Decorations: It’s no secret I’ve had my fall decor out since September 1st, but it is important to make sure those glittery pumpkins, dried corn, and stretchy spider webs aren’t nibbled on. Additionally, candles and jack-o-lanterns pose fire risks if curiosity gets the best of your cat or dog. Eek!

5. Identification: It is extremely important that your pet wears current identification. If for any reason they do escape, a collar with up-to-date tags and a microchip can be lifesavers for a lost pet.

​From all of us at Crossroads Animal Hospital, we wish you a happy and safe Halloween!