First Time Visit Information

Information For Your Visit

Preparing for Your First Visit

First-time pet parents only need to fill out our welcome form and we’ll do everything else for you.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

We are a fear-free clinic that balances the medical and emotional needs of your pet. If at any time you think your pet is distressed, we can always stop and readjust tactics. Their voice matters too!

Here is some additional, detailed information to ensure a low-stress and successful first visit:

A Pet’s Eye View of Your First Visit:

On the first visit, you’ll start by following a treat trail onto the scale and then follow our great team into a pet friendly exam room that appeals to all your exceptional senses.

You’ll notice (even if your pet parents don’t) the calming species specific pheromones being wafted into the room from our plug in diffusers.

The exam rooms are as quiet as possible with beautiful decorative fabric that is disguising soundproofing on the walls. The spa soundtrack is known to calm dogs and cats, but secretly we truly use it to calm your parents.

The floors in the big dog room are conveniently non-slip and beds are always pulled out for our arthritic older pets. Curious cats can climb our cat wall and greet everyone at eye level.

Your tastebuds will leave happy after sampling our plethora of treats, and your medical record will permanently carry a critical indicator of your personal favorites.

The technician will greet you and listen to your parents brag on you and your habits at home, then it’s the doctor’s turn to meet you with a gentle but thorough nose to tail examination.

All findings are discussed and recommendations made to your parents.

This is when most pets get nervous, but don’t worry. We can do almost everything in the room with your parents or in the treatment room, wherever you are most comfortable. Plenty of cheese gets painted on the tables so you can lick away and pay no attention to the small pokes happening in the background.

Finally we leave with a check out in the room and treats in the lobby to end the entire experience with a full belly and a happy heart.