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Customer Service Representatives

The face and voice of our practice, the front desk Customer Service Representative is the sanity manager of the clinic. 

Veterinary Technicians

The backbone of our patient care (pun intended!) our Vet Techs and Assistants ensure the safety, comfort, and care of our patients remain the top priority in clinic. 

Skills and Responsibilities by Role
Vet Tech Assistant

Skills and Responsibilities of the Vet Tech Level 1:

  Vet Tech Assistant
Operations Completes Tasks as Directed:
Opening Checklist
Closing Checklist
Restocking Wall BinsRestocking Exam Room Handouts
Knowledge Base

Anatomy Terms

Directional Terms

Size & Names of Needles
Safe Sharps Management

Technical Skills


Dog Restraint – SQ, IM, Nail Trims

Dog Restraint – Blood Draws (all 3)
Cat Restraint – SQ, IM, Nail Trims

Cat Restraint – Blood Draws (all 3)

Taking a TPR

Walking Dogs

Taking Dogs Out of a Kennel
Pilling Dogs

Pilling Cats

Fear Free Fear Free Restraint

Handling Sharps

Radiography Safety

Isoflurane Exposure
Eye Wash & First Aid Station

Worker’s Comp / Injury on Job Policy


Staining an FNA

Staining an Ear Cytology

Centrifuging a Sample

Packaging Lab Samples for Submission

Running a Snap Test


Filling a Tablet Prescription

Filling a Liquid Prescription

Reprinting vs Refilling RX Label

Customer Relations

Greeting Clients & Checking In

Answer Phones

Completing Call Backs

Taking a Message via Task

Checking Out Clients


Clean Instruments & ET Tubes

Clean Clippers

Prep IV Fluids

Setup Surgery or Dental Table

Draw-up Medications as Directed

Radiographs Restraint for Full Body Radiographs
Vet Tech Level 1
  Tech Level 1
Operations Self-Directed Task Completion
Knowledge Base

Wellness Recommendations

Nutritional Guidance

Vaccine Reactions

Technical Skills

Laser Therapy Treatment

Express Anal Glands

Clean Ears

Nail Trim

Draw Blood

Administer SQ Injections

Administer IM Injections

Fluid Pump Operations

Scale Teeth

Set-up Dental Machine & Xray

Fear Free Recognize Levels of FAS

Read an Ear Cytology

In-House Labs

Pharmacy Dispense Complicated Rx’s:
Adequan, SQ Fluids,
Seizure Rescue Kits
Customer Relations

Scheduling an Appointment

Wellness Recommendation Education

Advise Clients on Vaccine Rxns

Relay Message to/from DVM & Client


Make Instrument Packs

Monitoring Anesthesia

Knowing Normal Anesthetic Depth

Radiographs Set-up Order on Computer
Vet Tech Level 2


Tech Level 2


Helps to Keep Us on Schedule by: Time Management & Delegation

Trains Team Members

Knowledge Base


Technical Skills

Place a Catheter

Administer an IV Injection

Set-up Anesthesia Machine

Take Dental Xrays

Dental Charting

Fear Free

Advise Clients on Fear Free




In-house Fecal


Familiar with Medication Uses & Side Effects

Customer Relations

Ability to Answer Medical Questions in Accordance with Clinic Policies


Inducing & Intubating

Clip, Flush & Prep a Wound

Recognizing Abnormal EKG


Obtain Full Body Radiograph

Vet Tech Level 3


Tech Level 3


Leadership Role

Often Certified Technician

Develops Team Member Training Guide

Knowledge Base

Advanced Understanding and  
Elective CE Trainings

Technical Skills


Fear Free







Ordering, Receiving, Inventory Management

Customer Relations

Diffuse Upset Clients and Resolve Conflicts


Developing Anesthetic Plan for DVM Review



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