Diagnostic Imaging

Convenient and Affordable In-House Diagnostic Imaging Services

Diagnostic Imaging Services

X-rays, ultrasounds, and digital dental radiographs are used to not only diagnose but also treat a wide range of medical conditions in our furry friends. Diagnostic imaging helps us catch disease earlier in your pet, which can improve the likelihood of successful treatment.

Radiology (Full Body X-Rays)

Full body digital x-rays help us diagnose joint problems, chest disease, and abdominal abnormalities. We also use artificial intelligence to provide a second set of eyes within minutes of obtaining images.

Computers in the room allow us to review images together immediately to fully explain all findings and develop the best treatment plan for your pet.


Ultrasound in veterinary medicine has revolutionized the way we approach many health issues and even how we practice surgical procedures. Often coupled with x-rays, ultrasound provides a better look at internal organs and allows us to detect issues that cannot be seen with a simple radiograph.

We partner with mobile radiologists to offer the utmost care when needed. You receive the expertise of a board-certified veterinary radiologist in the comfort and convenience of your local veterinarian.

Digital Dental Radiographs

Dental radiographs are absolutely critical in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal dental disease in cats and dogs. All patients undergoing a COHAT (dental) receive whole mouth digital dental radiographs to provide the highest quality imaging with the quickest processing. This amounts to better quality care with less time under anesthesia.

What Pet Parents Say About Us

Dr. Allison Brekke is simply the BEST! Before she opened her beautiful veterinarian clinic she did house calls (maybe she still does?) and my dogs just love her, and so do I! She is so caring. Recently our English Cream long hair Dachshund broke her foot chasing squirrels. We had to take her to an emergency vet. They x-rated and put a split on her and said to keep her crated and come back in a week. The whole split came off the first day! I had to rewrap it daily until we saw Dr. Allison Brekke a week later. When Dr. Allison Brekke checked her out and did her wrap it stayed the whole week. She really knows how to do things right…did I mention how much we love her!!!!