Integrative Medicine

Evidence-Based Orthopedic Care to Keep Your Pets Feeling As Good As They Make You Feel

Nutraceutical Medicine

From CBD to Green Lipped Mussels to High Dose Omega Therapy, treating diseases with nutrition is a natural, safe, and effective method of improving your pet’s health.

Laser Therapy

A painless treatment with no side effects, low-level laser therapy increases circulation and stimulates the body’s natural healing process at the cellular level. It can often make pharmaceuticals and even surgery unnecessary.

Electromagnetic Therapy

Originally designed to treat chronic pain in human breast cancer survivors after mastectomy, pulsing electromagnetic fields (PEMF for short) mats use a magnetic field in motion is created to directly impacts the ions and cell membranes to stimulate them into action. The result is an increase in cellular communication and circulation, a decrease in inflammation and pain and a resulting acceleration of healing. PEMF mats are used after every surgery, placed in exam rooms to encourage relaxation, and even available for at home rental for daily care of your post-surgical or chronically painful pet.

What Pet Parents Say About Us

Dr. Allie and Ana are incredible! They are so kind, gentle, thoughtful, and really take the time to listen to your concerns. They truly take a holistic approach in their care. My first visit with them was everything I was looking/hoping for – I only wish I would have found Dr. Allie sooner for my sweet senior pup!