About Us

We’ll Help You Go From Pet Owner to the Best Pet Parent

Our Hospital

At Crossroads Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive and lifestyle-oriented pet care for dogs and cats. We are here to put the work in for you, provide clear evidence-based guidance, and create a simplified care plan tailored just for you and your pet.

We recognize that both pets and owners have unique needs and goals. An active hunting dog requires much different care than a lazy couch lounger. And a young professional may have different time resources than a busy working parent. We focus on creating relationships with clients through every season of life and tailoring care to the lifestyle of your pet through our customized Whole Health Plans.

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Crossroads Animal Hospital Offers Lifestyle-Oriented Pet Care for Dogs & Cats in Windsor, Colorado

A Compassionate, Experienced Vet Who Understands Your Pet’s Sensitivities, Whole Body, and Lifestyle

Rest assured knowing you’re working with a trusted, experienced and compassionate group of animal-loving caregivers who focus on lifestyle-oriented care for your furry friend. Our patients can’t verbalize what’s bothering them, so we draw from experience, listening (not just “hearing”), and a militaristic attention to detail to discern their physical and emotional needs.

What Sets Us Apart

The Crossroads Animal Hospital Whole Health Plan includes annual or semi-annual wellness visits, lifestyle-specific guidance and care, and a comprehensive review of your pet’s whole body and life stages at each visit. We know that small changes add up to a successful life. By reviewing each pillar of a pet’s life and making small tweaks along the way, we can ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life.

We’re open and here to bring the healthiest and happiest version of your pet forward.

What Pet Parents Say About Us

We came across Crossroads by accident as our sweet girl was having a medical episode and needed attention urgently. Dr. Allie and her wonderful team saw our Lola right away and provided us with many options for her care. After some consideration we made the very difficult decision to say goodbye. We couldn’t have asked for more professionalism and compassion during such an emotional time. Highly recommend Crossroads and their incredible team.